Foundation of firms

Requirements for the establishment of a trading company

Documents and data to be presented:

  • Names of partners (individuals or legal entities).
  • Commercial Registration Certificate stating:
  • Date of establishment.
  • The social capital and its distribution among the partners, mode and date of delivery (signature of all partners, location, name, activity).
  • Administrators
  • Personal identification data.
  • Statement that the company is valid. Individuals (managers, partners, etc), full name, address, full name of the mother.
  • Name and headquarters of Hungarian society (H1 Investment offers among its services foundation of a headquarter for societies in Hungary)

Documents to be signed:

  • Bylaws signed by the partners.
  • List of partners.
  • Application Registry. Registration to the Tax and Financial Control Administration (APEH)
  • Authorization for attorney to represent the company in the registration procedures.
  • Recognition of the signature of administrators by a notary in Hungary. 
  • Appointment and acceptance of office.
  • Procedures for the constitution:
  • To send necessary documents and data.
  • To open a pre- bank account at a Hungarian bank in Forints and another in Euros.
  • To transfer capital for the constitution.

Basic information

The minimum capital is 500,000 HUF.

  • A bank account should be opened at a Hungarian bank  in Forints and  in Euros.
  • Persons (both natural and legal) not domiciled in Hungary, must appoint a Hungarian  resident for official mail delivery. (H1 Investment offers this service).
  • Single-member societies are required to appoint an auditor.

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