Urbanism in Budapest

With this summary note  we would like to highlight the Urban Plan and the most important elements in its practical operation in Budapest.

Budapest as a capital, consists of 23 districts, an important fact to emphasize from the point of view of the autonomy each of them enjoys in disposing and making decisions in urban issues.

Budapest has a Central City Council , known as "the Capital Council”. The Capital Council, directed by the Mayor of the Capital and its House of Councilors, has a General Urban Plan covering the entire municipality of Budapest and works as a "Framework Plan"f or the different districts (regulation called Framework Regulation on Urban Planning and Construction  in Budapest;BVKsz) and its general plan (called Budapest regulatory framework plan; FszKT).

Each district, its Mayor and District Chamber of Councilors, disposes of its own Urban Plan under the "Framework Plan" and has its own Office of Urban Development, headed by the Municipal District Architect and the Technical Advisory Body (rules called District Town Planning and Building Regulations – KVsz – and called partial plans called District Regulatory Plan – KszT -)

There is another element to take into account when talking about urban development in Budapest: the Department of National Heritage. This body plays an important role in the protection of monuments and buildings with high artistic level of the city.

Budapest has a large number of buildings listed as protected to a greater or lesser degree. Andrássy Avenue,  considered as one of the most beautiful avenues in the world; around both banks of the Danube between Margaret Bridge and Szabadság Bridge; the castle district and Gellert Hill were all declared World Heritage sites.

The Department of National Heritage plays an important role in delivering building permits of rehabilitation or new construction within the broad historical and monumental center encompassing more than eight districts.

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