The industrial real estate market

A large number of small and medium industries, as well as of distribution, is situated in old factories and buildings in deplorable condition.

However, there can be seen a slight growth of small industrial sites and storage areas, distribution companies (logistics) in the outskirts of Budapest, near the airport and highways.

The location of Hungary is a very important factor in this market, as the country is considered as a regional logistics center for its location.

The major demand in this sector is for logistics projects and - increasingly - for industrial plants. Businesses that require the most space, come from  the automobile, pharmaceutical, information technology,  and telecommunication industries.

In Hungarian logistics parks the percentage of offices is below 10% while in the case of commercial parks, every third m2 belongs to an office. The range of new developments is concentrated in the triangle of motorways M0-M1-M7. As for the location of business parks, it is important to mention that with the continued construction of the M0 ring road, there is a  possibility to enlarge the range with some 1.4 million m2.

Large surfaces

As for large commercial areas destined for food and consumer products and speciality products, the big international brands are present, such as Auchan, Tesco, Metro, Ikea, Kika, Praktiker, OBI, Media Markt are present.

In 2007 the preferred product of the year was "Strip Mall. “

That same year opened the first commercial park in Hungary, the Central Market Ferihegyi. This type of facility in the United States is known as "power center. "

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