The Planning Office in each district receives
and processes the projects in the following steps:

1. Outline planning application
If the investor presents the planning application  documents (drawings ) of a building that is not in his own property, he is entitled to request such a license,  which although cannot be used to carry out the construction itself, but it obliges the authority to process the final license in case it becomes the investor’s property.

2. Building permit
Upon presentation of  planning application documents, the building permit is dispatched within two months or, in case of anomalies, applier is notified within 30 days., and the license can be granted within 90 days.

The planning application documents should be submitted by the architect, providing the authorizations for utilities such as water, electricity, gas and fire service.

3. Starting works
Once the final (definitive) project design is realized, works can start, after having reported the District Council about the name of the constructor and the responsible experts.

4. Occupancy authorization
Once the building is finished, an occupancy authorization has to be requested. This is the time when the Council verifies if  the work has been executed according to the planning application documents .

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