Property development in Budapest

Property development in Budapest has been
a decisive factor in the economy of the city.

In the last decade, housing , which was of almost exclusively public until 1989, has become 90% private in Budapest. Consequently trade, hotel industry and housing have developed and continue to do so in a rhythm of optimal growth and the process now is irreversible.

Shopping centers, office areas, housing developments, the recovery of large areas occupied by obsolete or closed industries, the rehabilitation of buildings, the expansion of the airport as well as the number of hotel rooms, improving viable infrastructure, agile planning legislation, etc. are and will remain the dominant trend in this city.

We should not forget  about the strategic situation of the country and especially of Budapest in Europe either.
It is in Central Europe and it is the crossing point of the largest networks of communication between East and West. Logistics centers, company and brand positioning with a single common market, the center of international management, exhibition and conference center: that is the vision of Budapest in the future, which is not far at all.

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