Local development framework

The General Urban Plan of Budapest

General areas can be classified into five major groups. Within these groups several areas can be distinguished but they can not be presented in this brief summary.

1. Residential areas

2. Mixed areas: central, predominantly residential areas.
- VK Areas in the central zone.
- I Institutional areas

3. Economic zones: industrial and working areas.
- IP Industrial areas.
- M Working areas.

4. Areas of recreation, urban management and transport.
- Ü Areas of recreation
- K Special areas
- KL Areas of trasport.

5. Green areas, agricultural areas and water management areas.
- Z Green areas
- E Forest areas
- MG Agricultural areas.

Rules governing the use and intensity in the construction of these areas are collected in the following regulations:
1. National Settlement Planning and Construction Requirements(OTÉK)
2. Framework Regulation on Urban Planning and Construction
in Budapest (BVKsz).
3. Budapest regulatory framework plan(FszKT).
4. District Town Planning and Building Regulations.
5. District Regulatory Plan(KszT).

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