Budapest, 6th district, 6 Szegfű Street

Datas about the building 

Address: H-1063 Budapest, 6th district, 6 Szegfű Street,
Topographic number: 29 539
Size of plot: 583 sqm

Size of net useful area per level:
Basement level: 296,4 m²
Ground level: 339.9 m² + (porch: 8,71 m²,
Doorway: 31.48 m², courtyard: 86,35 m²)
Second floor: 374.7 m², balcony: 54.58 m²
Attic: 262.4 m²

Total size of net useful area:
1305,05 m² - included the 50% of the porch and of the balcony (31,65 m²)

Category according to the District Regulatory Plan:
VK- VI- 2
Urban construction, in unbroken rows buildable area above grade: 80%,
Below ground level: 90%
Floor space index: 4,5 m²/m²
Height of the facade: 16-21 m
Proportion of green areas: 10%

Guide price: 2.750.000 €
Rent: 8 €/m²

Presentation of the building

The building is located in the inner part of Budapest, in an area of listed buildings of outstanding importance, in a street parallel to Andrassy

Avenue, in the immediate vicinity of Kodály Körönd Square, close to embassies, office buildings, elegant and restored historic buildings. The building itself is not a listed monument, but it is located in a surrounding of protected buildings.

The building was built in the 1800s, in a romanticizing style,  but there is no more available data concerning the details.  During its reconstruction, it got some baroque-style touches.

In the last transformation that took place in the building, a room was built to house a suitable catering unit in the basement. The boiler is also located here.

The ground floor and basement are extremely elegant spaces, with large surface, which make the building suitable for large receptions and meetings.

The courtyard and the terrace on the second floor make the building have an absolutely unique atmosphere in Budapest, perhaps one a Baroque villa in Italy might have.    The fully renovated attic is suitable for office spaces. In the courtyard there is possibility to park 4-5 vehicles.

The property is free, clear and unencumbered.




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