Presentations of services offered by our society

In H1 INVESTMENT there can be found consultants, managers and estate agents in Hungary and Latin America.

In H1 INVESTMENT we collaborate with our investors adapting to their needs. We are a business group consisting of entrepreneurs and executives, with over 10 years of professional experience.

H1 INVESTMENT offers its investor customers integral consultation in Hungary :

  • Real estate search and analysis
  • Management and technical team speaking Spanish and English
  • Advice on legal and tax affairs
  • Logistical support to the implementation of other industrial or commercial activities
  • Advice on tenders for public works and administrative concessions
  • Creation, domiciliation and management of companies
  • Location and Individualized acquisition of real estate products
  • Evaluation and urban services
  • Market analysis
  • Advice on choosing constructor.
  • Project realization and implementation
  • Marketing final product
  • Property management and administration

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