Residential market

Hungarian migration is very low, they generally move twice during their lifetime. Hungarians tend to prefer buying houses to renting them.

The main reason for buying a home today is that the young strive to get independent. In Hungary the rate of those who buy a home for that reason is over 40% - 72% of the buyers is less than 35 years of age. A quarter of the buyers change their old home for not being satisfied with the size of it or with its terms of comfort.

The most popular type of housing is undoubtedly with two bedrooms (in Budapest, 30% of buyers look for this type).

The fact that smaller homes are selling better, is due only to the situation that Hungarian purchasing power does not allow to buy a larger apartment, and gives more importance to the total value as opposed to the value of m2.

The average apartment size today is 86 m2 on national level, while the level of the capital is 67 m2.

It is an increasingly visible phenomenon that families, for their growth, want to move to larger homes, maintaining the same standard of living or improving it. This generates demand for homes with two or three bedrooms plus the lounge.

Small apartments and studios do not sell as well as a few years ago. Even those looking for smaller homes, seek to buy apartments with at least one bedroom and lounge.

In case of higher-level constructions, apart from location and price, the size of the terrace, the garden area and the separation from the neighbor is also an important factor for the Hungarian buyer.

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